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The fastest way to train your staff and grow your business. Learn more about our many flexible Virtual and Onsite Training programs.

TTG NY Virtual Onsite Training and Development Services

Our Development Services

Training & Client Services Offered:

Virtual Training

Using on line collaboration Applications.

Classroom Style Training

This type of training includes a 75-minute, in-person session held in a designated location at the Client's site.

Training Open House

This type of training features an open-ended, live forum that allows End-users to walk-in at any time, collect training handouts, get hands-on phone experience, test features specific to them, ask the Trainer for targeted guidance, and then leave when they are satisfied.

On Demand Web Based

This is a professionally designed self-service virtual training session that the End-user accesses via the Internet or your Company's Intranet.

One on One Training

This type of Training allows the Customer's in-house Training Staff to acquire an essential knowledge base that allows them to Train your Company's End-users.

Contact Center Training

Exceptional Customer Service, is every companies goal, why let technology interfere with that achievement? Our team will train your staff to use your Call Center Software efficiently, and effectively. Management benefits from our report analysis. Understanding the call flows is the foundation replica patek philippe of your contact center, let us help you make sure it is a strong one. TTGNY specializes in identifying and procuring custom tailored training plans based on individual contact center requirements.

Customized Documentation

All of TTGNY Training includes documentation that is customized to accommodate your End-Users' needs and your specific requirements.

Data Collection

Data collection is the first step in gathering and organizing your customer's current communication platform. Hire our staff to act as liaison between your technical staff and your client.

Help Desk Support

Why overwhelm your support staff on Go-Live, let our trainer provide first level support to the end-user population, and troubleshoot.

Post Cut Support

Hire our trainers to support your Customer's End-Users during go-live.